How does the Custom Puck Process Work?


Advantage Puck is proud of the collaborative relationships built with customers and the team approach taken in every project. The process of creating a custom puck for each product takes approximately four weeks from receipt of the purchase order and design approval to shipment of production pucks. For replacement pucks, the process requires only one or two weeks.


A general outline of Advantage Puck’s work is as follows:

  1. A sample or 3-D drawing of a customer’s product is sent to Advantage Puck with a completed puck requirement form.
  2. Advantage Puck works with the customer to confirm the puck requirements and design features.
  3. A SolidWorks® design is then submitted for review, changes, or approval.
  4. A quote, along with a drawing of the new design, is then sent to the customer.
  5. *Optional* Advantage Puck produces an FDM prototype of the new design.
  6. Upon receipt of the purchase order and drawing approval, tooling is built within two weeks of release.
  7. Advantage Puck then sends four sample pucks representing production quality for final review and approval.
  8. Production can be completed within five days of receiving sample approvals and color choices.

Please contact Advantage Puck at 814.664.4810 or send an email to [email protected] to begin planning custom puck designs and production lines.