Pucks are our Specialty

Advantage Puck is dedicated to simplifying packaging and manufacturing processes for companies around the globe by supplying custom injection molded pucks and carriers. These custom pucks and carriers allow manufacturers to easily move bottles, cans, tubes, and other difficult-to-convey goods reliably throughout the filling and testing process. In manufacturing, custom-molded pucks provide quite an “advantage” in production.

The advantages of ordering custom product carriers from Advantage Puck

  • All Pucks are custom designed to fit your product using Solidworks®
  • Optional FDM (3D Printed) puck prototyping guarantees perfect bottle fit
  • US-based design and manufacturing ensures minimal production lead time
  • Pucks are injection molded or optionally milled to perfectly fit your bottle, tube, or can
  • Every puck is available with optional laser engraving for lot traceability
  • 100% virgin resin is used to ensure maximum carrier lifespan
  • An in-house tool shop and expert toolmakers expedite puck mold production
  • Advantage Puck has decades of injection molding experience
  • APT is the largest puck supplier to the consumer packaging and consumer chemical industries
  • Expedited turn around time provides customers around the globe with industry-leading puck production times

Testimonials from Advantage Puck Customers

WOW!  You guys are amazing!  That was even faster than we thought we could get them.  Thank you, guys!
Midwest Contract Filler