Advantage Pucks on a Line

Advantage Puck Capabilities for Simplifying Production:


Advantage Puck specializes in the custom design of injection-molded carriers, along with puck loading and unloading and puck conveying and washing. A partnership with Advantage Puck ensures a smooth production line process using:

  • Engineering and design using SolidWorks® software
  • 3-D design
  • 3-D rapid prototyping of pucks for every product
  • Minimal lead time from concept to production
  • Laser engraving to avoid confusion during production setup
  • Extensive inventory of existing pucks
  • In-house tool shop and toolmaker
  • Experienced injection-molding staff
  • Fast turnaround and expedited delivery


FDM Rapid Prototyping

Reduce tooling costs and minimize design revisions using Advantage Puck’s inexpensive 3-D prototyping. Advantage Puck’s FDM prototypes use a rigid ABS material that is tough enough to test, optimizing each puck early in the design cycle. Sample bottles can also be created using a 3-D file for customers who do not have samples. Advantage Puck creates custom 3-D molded products, not only pucks. For more information and to begin discussing requirements and creating a prototype with or without a 3-D file, contact Advantage Puck at 814.664.4810.


Custom Molding

Advantage Puck specializes in the design and creation of custom-molded carriers, but also partners with clients for full-service design and production of a wide variety of injection-molded products and prototypes. Advantage Puck’s full-time in-house toolmaker and engineering staff use the most current SolidWorks software for custom, 3-D part deign.


Other Great Services from Advantage Puck:

  • In-house materials and special order resins
  • Large color selection
  • Master unit molds to minimize tooling costs
  • No minimum quantity requirements